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Dragged her up in front of the guests and then got angry, because she wasn’t thrilled. She’d say, “I was in the neighborhood” or “I’m not stopping to see you, I’m just saying hi to the kids” or “Just ignore me. ” How can you get angry with someone who makes you shortbread? Pick your battles, my Aunt Lorraine used to tell me.

I asked my mother-in-law at least a million times to “Please call before you stop by.” She never did.

It’s taken me 10 years and three grandchildren to finally get it.

A man leaves his parents and his wife becomes his focus.

If you both read and love to talk about books themselves, fine. Do not give your daughter-in-law any kind of etiquette book, a cookbook (unless she’s a good cook who loves to cook), self-help books or books about how to raise children. My husband and I live so far away from all of our family members and my MIL FIL don't seem interested in keeping up on emails.

I've been keeping in touch with my MIL and trying to include her but it's a bit tricky.

I called my own grandma today and my stepgrandmother.

Do not rearrange the spice cabinet or clean out the silverware drawer or wipe down the counters no matter how much you want to. That’s all getting along is—being who you are and being accepted for it. I know they are closer to her kids but I would like my kids to have a bonding relationship with my in laws as well, my kids are not old enough to notice but what happens when they do? I'm the DIL and my baby is going to be born in a couple of weeks.

“She said she didn’t want a party,” my friend Anne reminded me later. So how do you avoid conflicts with your daughter-in-law? They are always very nice and happy to see my kids well at least until my sister in laws kids arrive after that it's like my kids dont excit. I want my child to have a great relationship with all of his grandparents! My husband and I try to keep in touch and travel often to see them my inlaws because we want them to be close to husbands side of the family. I would imagine that they would want to be in touch and be supportive. Where and when a child attends school is an important choice. I'm honestly a little sad that my in laws aren't making more of an effort to keep in touch or visit though.

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When our 1st was born we asked all the time if she wants to spend time with him and she always said no.

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